Playing SomaFM internet radio from the terminal

I don't know why, but the ease of just calling one terminal command when I need to play some background music is so habit-forming, that I just haven't been doing it any other way.

In particular, whenever I need electronic music for writing code, I just write:

somafm play cliqhop

This would play the cliqhop station from SomaFM. It doesn't require any registration, and as soon as you're done listening - you just press ^C as usual for all terminal programs.

You can get the source at rockymadden/somafm-cli. It is actually a single shell script that doesn't even need any compilation. Of all the third-party scripts, this one is something that I use most often.

If you like the terminal in the way I do - give it a try. Otherwise you may as well try Shortwave (a lightweight GTK app).