PinePhone - a very promising device

In addition to getting a Framework laptop, I've also got a PinePhone. It's an honest Linux phone (not Android), that can run more or less unmodified apps that you can usually run on Linux.

I tried running a few: Firefox browser, media player, file manager, simple note taking software, and a todo list. The experience so far was bearable. The default Manjaro distribution that was installed on the phone didn't perform well enough, but after switching to PostmarketOS, things became a lot snappier. It's not like modern phone levels of snappy though. More like the first android devices that appeared on the market.

I find it possible to daily drive this phone, because I mostly use my current device to listen to music and quickly look up something on the internet. The only thing I'll need another device for is maps -- at the moment there's just nothing production ready that I'd be comfortable traveling with.

To be clear -- I'm not using PinePhone because it's superior in any way from the UX point of view. It's just cool to have a hacker-friendly platform in your pocket.