When I joined Tarantool, there were only about 10 people in the whole team. We used to fit in one room on daily standups.

One day I decided to do something for the people I work with, and asked if they are fine with me organizing birthday parties. The deal was that everyone who has a birthday buys pizza and other folks collectively buy them a present.

I had a simple python script that created a Telegram chat and invited everyone except the person having a birthday, where we had a discussion about the present. It kept us going up until there were 20 employees. Then I rewrote the script to include a simple budgeting so that I don’t have to collect money from everyone for every individual birthday.

After our team reached 60, and seeing this system sustainable enough, I decided to rewrite it yet again and open it up to the world. It is now available as a Telegram bot reachable at https://t.me/CakeDayBot. It allows you to create a group for your team, and throw parties effortlessly, with an added benefit of simple budgeting. I’d be thrilled if you give it a try.