Konstantin Nazarov

A very productive OSX workflow

I often work from my MacBook, with an external display. But the default overlapping window management is not very convenient: you either have to switch windows with Cmd-Tab or maximize windows and swipe between them. This doesn’t work well if you have more than a few open apps at the same time: you need toContinue reading “A very productive OSX workflow”

Zetteklasten: associative thought

Zettelkasten is a knowledge management system invented by Niklas Luhmann, a German sociologist. It is based on an idea that when you need to produce meaningful work, it is likely too late to start collecting input. Say, writing an article or an assignment. If you start with an idea and then try to work throughContinue reading “Zetteklasten: associative thought”

Setting goals and figuring out values

I have a very long history with struggling to set goals that resonate with my true motives. This post is a summary of what I’ve come up with. It may be of some use to you, but please take everything here with a grain of salt, as everyone is unique and there are no universalContinue reading “Setting goals and figuring out values”

Fully vendored Emacs configuration

Over the years I’ve rewritten my emacs configuration many times. Initially I started with a plain .emacs configuration file and copy-pasted stuff from blogs or wikis that I liked. It wasn’t synchronized between my home and work machines. It was also before GitHub came to life, and long before storing your dotfiles there became fashionable. Then I stumbled upon Prelude and Spacemacs,Continue reading “Fully vendored Emacs configuration”

Why I designed an application framework for a database

Tarantool is an in-memory database, that happens to have a general purpose programming language onboard. While some databases like MySQL or Postgres allow you to write stored procedures, they are nowhere near as powerful as, say, Python. And even if they have support for external languages, they always feel like second-class citizens because usually they wereContinue reading “Why I designed an application framework for a database”

How I keep a plaintext journal

Keeping a journal has become a transformative experience for me. I tried to start writing out my thoughts multiple times last 5 years or so. But it didn’t click until my last attempt. What helped me in the end was to concentrate on analyzing problems that really bother me and be curious and frank aboutContinue reading “How I keep a plaintext journal”

Setting up postfix in OS X 10.14 (Mojave)

I wrote this post because there are lots of articles that describe how to set up postfix on OS X which recommend strange things, like disabling System Integrity Protection. I’ll show you how it can be achieved easily without any ugly hacks. Here’s why you may want to use postfix on OS X: if youContinue reading “Setting up postfix in OS X 10.14 (Mojave)”

Running Herokuish apps in Docker

Heroku allows you to build an app, push the code to a git repository and have it automatically deployed to a server. The beauty of this solution is that if you follow certain simple conventions, you don’t have to invest any brainpower into the deployment at all. Then comes Dokku, which is built on the same principlesContinue reading “Running Herokuish apps in Docker”