Calendar widget for sway/wayland: alpha

I've started writing myself a widget to show the next meeting I have. When clicked, it should open Zoom or whatever video conferencing link is specified in location/description.

It was quite a ride. First, there are no existing solutions for Linux that allow you to access calendars from command-line. At least there are none that support all existing popular email providers.

When you add an email/calendar account in Gnome, what it does under the hood is use Evolution libraries to handle connections and data storage. Evolution is very old (started around 2001) and written in plain C. All existing libraries for it are written in C as well.

The only thing I've found that I could dismantle and rewrite is the gnome-shell applet that shows you the next calendar events. Unfortunately again, it's written in C and uses libecal to connect to Evolution. It's large and complex and will require a lot of work to get in shape.

I have the code for my CLI here on github.

It's possible that eventually I'll rewrite it to Vala, because it has native support of Gnome libraries and is easier to write in than plain C.