Simple Applicant Tracking System is a simple Applicant Tracking System that helps make hiring in small teams easier. It has just a bare minimum of functionality: a table with all your candidates, ability to upload CVs and comment on individual candidates. It also allows a team of people to join together into an organization and collaborate on the shared pool of candidaets.

I’ve developed it mostly for my own purposes while working at Tarantool. But now it’s open for public use.

Tarantool Data Grid is a system for developing distributed applications with a lightning-fast persistent in-memory storage. This can be applications for unified processing of data that originates from different IT systems.

I’ve lead the development of Tarantool Data Grid and helped turn it into a product.

Tarantool Cartridge is an open-source framework that helps developers write distributed apps in Tarantool. It is one of the building blocks of Tarantool Data Grid. We decided to open source Cartridge to standardize app development between community and enterprise versions of Tarantool.